2013-08-27 visit to Kasangati, Kampala

A day in the Kampala suburb of Kasangati that I’d visited last November with my Danish friend Berit. This time was to catch up with two of Berit’s friends – Florence and Aisha. I arrived by taxi at Kasangati and promptly rang Florence to come and collect me from where I could find my way. She walked down and we headed back to her place for a visit and to catch up. Well Florence has been busy in the past year and her dream of a small school for children with intellectual disabilities is now a reality. I’d missed the session that morning but saw some remarkable results on her computer and in lesson books – awesome Florence!!

Then we headed to visit Aisha an grandmother with severe diabetes who looks after many grandchildren. Berit has a real soft spot for Aisha and so do I!! Last year her grandkids posed for some amazing portraits so it was great to head back with my laptop to show them. I’ll return with prints soon.  The kids ran out and hugged me as son as they saw me coming which was so touching….. it was a great visit and I’m going to call in again before I leave for New Zealand in September.
GW20130827-43615 Light in a Muslim School just down the road. The corner of the road home. Back to Uncle Terence's in Bukoto. Coming home by taxi there is a change in Wandergeya which is a buzzing place!! The main room of the house. BTW the TV doesn't work, there is no power. Aisha makes the mats you can see behind her to earn a little money. My friend!! GW20130827-43833 Some looking at last years pics on the Macbook. Boys photo Action Friendly neighbour. Gilrs photo Up close and personal. One of the grandkids - Lubega Zubairi who is 4 and in nursery school. Kids just line up!! At the house of the wonderful family of Aisha!!! Aisha - what a smile!! Grandmother Aisha who suffer from diabetes and has a lot of pain. Family…. GW20130827-43665 GW20130827-43653 Making bricks for houses. Passed this same way last year. GW20130827-43646 Getting my photo taken with Florence's family. GW20130827-43635 GW20130827-43628


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