2013-11-12 Martinborough

I’ve been in Martinborough many times since arriving back from Uganda late September and what an awesome village it is. The people are just great… Medici and The Village Cafe for a coffee and bite to eat while a visit to Pain and Kershaw is always special with the friendly staff and efficient management. P+K celebrated 140 years on the 2nd November and is still family owned. What a fantastic team and they are a huge part of the South Wairarapa Community. Thanks to the Kershaw family and especially David who is now handing over the baton to Conor…. keep it up!!

On Sunday this weekend is the fabulous Toast Martinborough and I will be there taking pictures as usual but I do want to promote the annual Barrel Race around the square held on Saturday evening. This is special with vineyards teams rolling barrels around the town centre while having water bombs and anything else handy thrown at them. This followed by a cart race for businesses…… all good fun and colourful. So today I’m putting up some preview pics from past years plus some colour taken in a vineyard just yesterday!! So get down to Martinborough for some fun this weekend…

Field of poppies on Armistice Day 2013

Field of poppies on Armistice Day 2013


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