Nodding Syndrome – Uganda 2017

Here I am back in Uganda since December 2016 and now working on a project to raise again awareness about the silent killer disease of Nodding Syndrome that has affected more than 5000 children in Northern Uganda….

Here are some images from Awere in Odek and Pader Districts where more than 300 are suffering with at least 50 in a critical state……. like Monica seen below…..

in our compound we have three who suffer: Kinyera Geoffrey, Aciro Grace and Ojara Walter….

Stay tuned to keep up to date on what transpires and keep an eye on this image:

National Geographic Your Shot Assignment Strong Women


Africa must invest in women in agriculture in post conflict communities

Three weeks ago I was in Lira, northern Uganda working on what justice means for women in a post conflict community. When we think of justice, agriculture might not be the immediate thing that come…

Source: Africa must invest in women in agriculture in post conflict communities

Dressed for town …….

All dressed up!! 

Downtown Rackoko Trading Centre.

The Acholi children are wonderful and have an inner happiness Westerners are seeking. After 20 years of war centred near here the people can use a hand, if you want to assist a child and family contact me through the Contact Page….