Uganda 2013 – Awere….

Some of the extended family in Awere.

Some of the extended family in Awere.

Back in Uganda 2013, since arriving back in Northern Uganda in May I’ve spent most of the time in Pader District in the trading centre of Rackoko which is the junction of the Lira- Kitgum Road and the Gulu – Awere Road.

Its is extremely difficult to post anything from here as the internet is very, very slow and WordPress doesn’t like it and frequently there is no power anyway. I now hope in the time I have left here to be able to post some insights so do read , view my pics and enjoy…

Loaded boda boda on the way back from Lira - shot from my boda boda!!

This region is at the centre of the war/rebellion  by the Joseph Kony led LRA that extended over 20 years ending around 2007. Awere was the home area of Kony so it is an honour to live with and talk to the locals about their experiences in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps (IDPC’s) and how they are trying to rebuild life since returning to their land.

Awere Mountain….. where Kony would return to drink the water and pray for guidance!!


Awere Mountain, the “spiritual” home of Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA Rebels and today a wanted man with a US$5million price on his head.

Awere Mountain.

The top of the mountain.


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