2013 -09 Kampala selection

GW20130918-48466 GW20130918-48470 GW20130918-48473 GW20130918-48475 GW20130918-48477 GW20130918-48480 GW20130918-48484 GW20130918-48488 GW20130918-48491 GW20130918-48495 GW20130918-48506 GW20130918-48513 GW20130918-48518 GW20130918-48528 GW20130918-48529 GW20130918-48538 GW20130918-48543 GW20130918-48546 GW20130918-48552 GW20130918-48557 GW20130918-48563 GW20130918-48565 GW20130918-48569 GW20130918-48575 GW20130918-48580 GW20130918-48588 GW20130918-48594 GW20130918-48598 GW20130918-48599 GW20130918-486022013 -09 Kampala selection

Some snaps around Kampala as I prepare to leave for New Zealand.


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