2013-09-18 Kampala shoot with friends Germina and James

The second to last day before heading back to New Zealand and I was honoured to get out and “shoot Kampala” with two new friends and photographers Germina Nanfuka and James Onderi. After meeting in Kabalagala (I love the name of this area) for a coffee we headed down the Ggaba Road toward the city which is where we ended up in the dark!! We started after 5.00pm so light was always going to be interesting. We all got some great shots and most of all had such a wonderful time getting around and getting to push new boundaries.

Here are some of my images from the evening… starting with James trying out a new lens….


These kids followed us for a while wanting their picture taken!!!


Here’s Germina with her awesome smile!!Image

Passing Boda boda


This lady was so happy to pose and what a smile…Image

After selling some furniture to the woman in the shot above this lady kindly posed for me too!!Image

Then it got dark quickly, as it does in Uganda – still plenty of action on the city centre fringe.Image

Germina in silhouette checks her shot or settingsImage

Bodas screaming around a roundabout /traffic island controlled by Police at this time of night – you won’t catch us though!!Image

On patrol or is that control, not an easy job at all!!Image



I have no idea what this gentleman was up to…..Image

On yer bike… this guy posed outside his cycle shopImage

Taxi anyone???


Closing time in the city near Nakasera Market.Image

On the fringe of Nakasera MarketImage

In the city one of the newest buildingsImage

Back in Bukoto where I was staying and late night shopping for some meat – goat.Image

Street scenes in Bukoto as I walk home to Uncle Terence’s where I stayed for my last week of this visit to Uganda.



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