2013-12-06 Pirinoa and Kahutara Schools clean the beach of adults rubbish!!

Just over a week ago I headed down to our southern coast (Palliser Bay) of our Northern Island…. why?? To take photos and do a little to help the local people of Pirinoa and Kahutara clean up the beach from Whangaimoana to Lake Ferry. Organised by the Sth Wairarapa Biodiversity group’s Vanessa Tipoki it brought kids from Pirinoa and Kahutara Schools together with teachers, a few parents, locals, Sth Wairarapa Rotary and Greater Wellington Regional Council staff…..together they scavanged the beach for all manner of trash from nylon fishing gear to vehicle tyres, loaded it onto trailers towed by quad bikes and deposited it all at Lake Ferry for disposal by Sth Wairarapa District Council. It was all followed by a wonderful BBQ at the Lake Ferry Hotel where the kids tucked into yummy sausages……
Enjoy the pics….


School teacher Jane from Pirinoa

Sth Wairarapa Biodiversity Group legend Heather hiding behind her sunnies

Greater Wellington Regional Council staff at the ready with bags...

While the men/boys look on....

Kahutara School getting instructions

And off go the kids for te journey to Lake Ferry....

The results of previous years work are now bearing some fruit...

Dunes coming alive again

The Kaikoura's of the Sth Island in the distance

Whatarangi acroos the bay.... beautiful

Kids cleaning trash from the beach

More kids....

Wonderful coastline and my truck!!

He looks happy....

A trailer load of trash...



Trash and tyre collectors

Looking across Lake Onoke or Roto Onoke

The beach is all shingle....

Detailing the work done already...

Roto Onoke!!!


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